International Doll Exhibitions, Shows, Fairs

  • April 21st 2013: DABIDA Day ((Dutch and Belgian Institute of Doll Artists)

  • August 2013: NIADA Conference

  • More shows:
  • The Netherlands: Doll Show Ahoy Rotterdam
  • The Netherlands: Pop-Beer-Hobbyfestival
  • Mirepoix Doll Festival (Southern France - Europe)
  • Pictures of the 2006 Paris - Sèvres 'Salon International de la Poupée d'Artiste' :Click here!
  • Marlaine Verhelst and Hennie Koffrie
    in an elevator in Dubai
    Summer Festival 2009.

    NIADA and NIADA members

    Dollmakers list

    Join the dollmakers list : intended to promote discussions between dollmakers. You can feel free to discuss any aspects of making, costuming and selling dolls here. Also cloth, porcelain, the new clays and any other material. Share information about doll shows, web sites, galleries, books, techniques. Have a look at the work of some members of the list:

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