1er Salon International de La poupée d'Artiste & Sculpture Figurative

NIADA presentation by Marlaine Verhelst and work from other doll artists (June 2006)
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NIADA booth

Pictures from NIADA

Ankie Daanen: Composition Flamboyante

Annie Wahl: Monk with Little Chickadees

E.J. Taylor: Balthasar

Junko Liesfeld: Mother and Child in Tibet

Elisabeth Flueler Tomamichel: Let's go to the beach

Hennie Koffrie: Her Own Destination

Hennie with name tag

Lynne and Michael Roche: Mimi with Train

Tine Kamerbeek: Lena

Sylvia Natterer: Fishing

Sylvia Natterer: Hunting

Marlaine Verhelst: To Catch a Fish

Marlaine Verhelst: Sharing a Fantasy

Marlaine Verhelst, Junko Liesfeld and Hennie Koffrie

Junko with blue drink

Front side S.E.L. building


Brigitte Deval

Hannah Goetz

Hannie Sarris


Laura Scattolini

Verena Eising

Victor Grigoryev

Work from Victor Grigoryev

Virginie Ropars

Work from Pierre Dudilly

French Doll